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Zo Financial helps
consumers by:


  • Providing convenient scheduled payments to acquire the items they don’t have the cash to put down on
  • Providing a LOW or NO credit option to purchase the items they need
  • Providing a way to spread out payments over time to ease the impact on their bank account
  • Providing multiple options of payment: 90-Days Early Purchase Anytime Early Purchase, and renewable lease for up to 12 months
  • Contact us at 833-719-1096 to learn more about early-purchase and payment options

Zo Financial helps retailers by:


  • Providing a Low/No Credit* payment option to consumers that previously could not purchase from them
    • Providing the ability to expand business by 10% or more
    • Providing a NO cost way to increase business
    *Zo Financial obtains information from credit bureaus. Not all applicants are approved.

    about us

    Zo Financial is an Alaska-based Lease-to-Own company specializing in providing retailers with creative consumer payment options.

    We are a company that values character above all else. We work hard to offer both our retailers and our consumers the best possible experience from every facet of our business. We value helping people grow to achieve greater levels of success that were previously not possible.