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Who is Zo Financial, and what do they do?

Zo Financial is an Alaskan Owned Virtual Lease-Purchase company that is specifically designed with the consumer in mind. We help every-day Americans lease-purchase the items they need to live their best lives. Afterall, Zo is a Greek word that means, “To Live!” In a single phrase, Zo helps write the untold stories of Americans succeeding.

What is the Zo Financial lease-purchase program?

A lease-purchase program through Zo Financial is designed with the end consumer in mind. It allows you to acquire the items you need NOW without the high upfront cost. Our program allows you to make payments that line up with when you get paid. That means you can enjoy the items TODAY at a fraction of the upfront cost. Early purchase options along the way allow you to save money over the 12-month rental option! Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.

What is lease-to-own or a lease-purchase program?

Lease-to-own is a convenient alternative to financing, where you can lease-purchase the products you want, without large upfront costs. We offer a great selection of retail shops, with flexible payment options, giving you the opportunity to purchase, and own, your desired items.

We provide a lease-purchase contract that it is not a loan, credit, or financing. This allows us to offer lease-purchase options for people with poor or no credit history. We even report payment history, which could help improve poor credit or establish credit!

Our payment plans work around your paydays, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to make payments.

Our leases are automatically setup for 12-month terms that match your payday. While you can renew your lease for up to 12 months, you have the opportunity to exercise an early-purchase option at any time to save money!

We report all payment activity, positive and negative, to a credit reporting agency. Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.

What types of items are available to lease from Zo Financial?

Zo Financial lease-purchases personal, family, or household non-consumable* items. Retail goods that retain utility over time and aren’t used up in one use can include:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Musical Instruments
  • Automotive Accessories**
  • Sporting Goods***, and much more!

*we are not able to lease-purchase services, delivery, repairs, or labor
**auto accessories must retain value over the life of lease, and be removable
from the vehicle
***we are not able to lease-purchase firearms

How does the application process work?

You can complete an application at any of our partnering retailers, by using our simple smart phone app, by having a link sent to your smartphone by texting “Zo” to 349349, or right here on

Once approved for a lease-purchase, go shopping for leasable items from one of our partnering retailers. If the item(s) or retailer you are looking for are not listed, call us at (833) 719-1096. Once you’ve decided on an item, simply review the purchase, sign the lease agreement, make the small initial payment, and take the goods home today or schedule delivery.

What do I need to apply?
  • Be 18 or older
  • A valid SSN or ITIN
  • Account and routing numbers for an active checking account
  • An active credit or debit card
How long does a Zo Financial lease approval last?

Approvals are good for 90 days. If the lease is not activated or signed it will expire after 90 days and you will need to re-apply with Zo.

Is there a fee to apply?

Zo financial doesn’t charge an application fee or processing fee. The initial payment is small and is made from your credit/debit card immediately after a lease is signed and becomes active, but it is also your first payment, and is part of the total cost of the lease. If you are not approved for a lease-purchase, there is absolutely no financial obligation.

How much can I get approved to lease-purchase for?

Individuals applying are evaluated on a case-by-case basis using sophisticated software. This software will look at your credit information, income, and banking history to determine lease-purchase approval amounts. The maximum leasable value anyone can be approved for is $5,000 USD.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my lease?

Contact a Zo Financial Customer Care Coordinator via Live Chat or by phone at (833) 719-1096. Coordinators are available 7 days a week 7am to 7pm AKDT/AKST. You can also contact Zo using the contact form right here on

What happens when I consent to contact from Zo?

SMS Terms and Conditions Subscription Service available on most carriers including U.S. Cellular, AT&T, Cellular One, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, MetroPCS, Verizon Wireless, Alltel Wireless and Virgin Mobile. Msg & Data Rates May Apply. Requires text-enabled handset. You may cancel your subscription by texting STOP to 349349. You can also get info directly on your phone by texting HELP to 349349 or contacting us at (833) 719-1096. Service will continue until customer cancels. Carriers are not responsible for delayed or undelivered messages.

Who owns the merchandise with a Zo lease?
Zo purchases the items on your behalf. We will buy the leasable items from the retailer and then lease the items to you. If you complete all your planned renewal payments, or exercise an early-purchase option, the item is then yours!

At that time ownership will transfer to you. The least expensive option to purchase expires 90 days after delivery/pick-up date. Renewal payments are still due even if you intend to exercise an early-purchase option. Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.

How do I make payments?

Lease renewal payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account but can be taken from the credit/debit card used to apply. Note that these charges will appear on your statement from Zo Financial and not the retail store where the leased items were purchased.

Where/How do I access my lease agreement?

The full terms will be in the lease agreement, which will be emailed to you and remain available through your online account login for the term of your lease. Provided copies may be without your signature, as we retain those for our records, and your privacy.

How are leases different from Credit, Financing, and Loans?
Zo Financial leases are in no way credit. The main differences are that payments are made as a rental cost, and who owns the merchandise. With a lease, we purchase the items on your behalf and own them until you make all planned renewal payments or exercise an early purchase option. Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.
Will a lease application with Zo impact my credit?

Applying for a Zo Financial lease should not impact your credit score, even though we do look at credit bureau reports. It is known as a “soft” inquiry. In addition, a lease with Zo may even help you improve your credit.

What does “No/Low Credit needed" mean?

This means you don’t necessarily need to have a credit history or a credit score to qualify for a lease. Zo Financial does check credit reports; however, our proprietary technology looks beyond your credit reports and uses many factors to make a final decision. We regularly approve customers with poor credit and very little credit history.

How will a Zo inquiry appear on my credit report?

Zo Financial will only make soft inquiries to the main Credit Bureaus. Other secondary bureaus do not offer this option and inquiries, to those bureaus, may be considered hard inquiries.

What’s the difference between a hard and soft credit inquiry?

Anytime an inquiry for credit information (credit report) is requested, the credit bureaus will maintain a record of all the inquiries. Some creditors see inquiries as a negative factor. A soft inquiry is only visible to the consumer if they request a copy of their credit report. Hard inquiries are visible to the consumer and the credit reporting agencies. Because of this, a soft inquiry such as the one Zo Financial uses should not be seen by credit bureaus and should not impact credit scores.

Does Zo Financial pull credit reports?

While Zo Financial looks at many data points beyond just a credit score, a score and report is obtained on all applicants.

What factors does Zo consider when processing an application?
We look at many different data points in our decisioning process. This may include credit information, income, and banking history.
Will my payments be reported to Credit Bureaus? Can Zo help build my credit?
We partner with a credit reporting agency and all payments will be reported*. Successful lease completion and on time payments can help improve your credit score.

*All payment activity, positive and negative, is reported.

I have bad/no credit, does that matter?

Our proprietary software allows us to look beyond just a credit score. We regularly approve people with poor or no credit. 

Note: Although this is the case, not all applicants are approved.

When do my payments begin?

After making your initial payment, and taking custody of the leased item(s), you will begin making lease payments on the your following payday.

Note: If your next payday is less than 7 days after you receive the merchandise and sign your lease agreement, we will wait until the following payday.

What is an "Open-To-Buy"?

An Open-To-Buy is the amount of lease limit you have remaining after executing your initial lease.

It is important to know that your Open-To-Buy Lease Limit is ONLY available to you during the time period that your initial approval is effective (90 days from approval date). Also, the maximum number of active leases at any given time for an associated SSN/ITIN and bank account is 3.

For example: If you were approved for $2,000 of lease limit and your first lease-purchase was in the amount of $500, you could add up to 2 more leases totaling $1,500 or less.

How long are the lease agreement terms for?
Your lease agreement is renewed after each successful payment. At this time Zo only offers lease renewal for 12 months, but with early-purchase options to help you save money! Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.
Can I buy the product before the end of my lease?

Absolutely. The merchandise can be purchased at any time using the earlypurchase options. If paid off in 90 days, the only cost will be the initial payment plus the cash price of the merchandise (including tax). After 90 days, the early-purchase option may be exercised with which you have the opportunity to pay 65% of the remaining purchase cost*.

*Purchase Cost = cash price (including tax) + initial payment + lease cost – any recurring payments previously made. Call us at 833-719-1096 to discuss or arrange early-purchase options.

If I plan on paying off my lease-purchase in 90 days, can I wait and just pay once at 90 days in a lump sum?

Even if you plan on exercising the early-purchase option, regular renewal payments will still be automatically drafted from the bank account on file. Failure to make renewal payments will result in the cancelation of your lease agreement.

What happens if I can no longer afford my lease payments?

Zo Financial truly cares and understands that difficulties arise when we least expect it! In the event that life happens, preventing you from making your lease payments, please feel free to contact a Customer Care Coordinator to discuss the options available to you. We’re here to help and want to see YOU be successful!

Our Zo+ program protects against MANY of the curveballs that life may throw at you! Be sure to ask your Customer Care Coordinator about the benefits you may be missing out on!

If you no longer wish to continue in your lease, you can cancel at any time, without penalty.

What if my payday changes or I need to change my payments?

Zo is happy to work with you and give you a pat on the back for the new job/career! Simply contact us 3 business days before your next scheduled renewal payment and we can discuss the options available to you.

How are lease/total costs calculated?

The total cost of ownership in a lease-purchase from Zo Financial includes the cash price of the merchandise, the cost of the lease, any applicable sales tax, and the initial payment.

Your lease renewal payments will be the cost of ownership divided by the number of renewals that exist in a twelve-month period, based on your desired payment frequency. If you have any questions about costs or payments, please contact us at 833-719-1096.

Will I receive account statements?

No, the details of your payments made, future payments, and other pertinent account information is provided using your secured online login on, as well as through our smart phone app.

Can I return a leased item?

In most cases, yes! Remember that this is a lease-purchase and you do not own the merchandise until all scheduled renewal payments, or early purchase options, have been made satisfied. Items may be returned at any time during the lease with no cancelation penalty. However, lease payments will continue to be processed while you maintain custody of the items. This is yet another great reason to have Zo+ attached to your lease to put your mind at ease!

What happens if my merchandise is defective or damaged?
Zo Financial fully honors our retailers’ warranty and return programs! We recommend that you always start by calling the retailer where the lease-purchase was made. We are dedicated to both our consumers and retailers in every regard and will do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience.
How do I proceed if the store gave me the wrong item?

Please contact Zo Financial at (833) 719-1096.

What is Zo+?

Zo+ is a product protection plan that offers many benefits beyond leased product protection. Find out more by visiting our Zo+ page.

What does Zo+ Cover?

Leased merchandise destroyed or damaged due to theft (with visible signs of forced entry to a locked building or room), fire, smoke damage, flood, windstorm and, lightning. Access to protection begins immediately once you become a plan holder.

What do I do if I have a Zo+ claim?

Plan holders should notify Zo Financial immediately. Provide them with a police report if it was stolen and a picture of the damaged area where entry was gained.  Fire claims require a report from the fire department and pictures of the damaged merchandise.

How does Zo+ work?

The Product Protection benefit allows plan holders to continue leasing replacement merchandise of similar like kind product. The applicable lease agreement will be amended for the replacement merchandise at the same rate and remaining term to ownership. There are many other benefits beyond product protection, to find out about all Zo+ can do for you, check out our Zo+ page.

What other benefits does a Zo+ plan have?

Involuntary Unemployment Payment Waiver*

  1. Is this benefit available if I cannot work due to an injury or illness? Access to this benefit is only available if a plan holder is unemployed due to being fired (except as a result of willful or criminal misconduct), laid-off, company closure, or out of work due to a labor dispute.
  2. If a plan holder is the second person listed on the lease agreement, do they have access to the Involuntary Unemployment Payment Waiver benefit? Both persons listed on the lease agreement have access to this benefit.
  3. If I am already unemployed, can I join Zo+ Protection Program and have my payments waived through this benefit? You must already be a plan holder of the  Zo+ Protection Program and meet the eligibility requirements. Similarly, any agreement a plan holder opens while they are unemployed would not be covered.
  4. What do I have to do to be eligible for this benefit? You must have been working for six consecutive months for 30 hours per week before losing your job to be eligible for this benefit. You must register with the state unemployment office within 15 days of losing your job. You must be unemployed for 30 days before you qualify for this benefit.
  5. How long do I have this protection? Once a waiver request is approved it is retroactive to the first day of unemployment. As long as you provide proof that you are still unemployed, the benefit continues until you return to work, or after four months, or when $1,000 has been waived for all lease agreements combined (whichever occurs first).

Courtesy Waiver*

  1. What does this benefit do? In the event of the untimely death of one of the plan holders listed on the lease agreement, this benefit can provide financial peace of mind by waiving the remaining payments, giving family members one less bill to deal with if tragedy strikes.
  2. How long do I have to be a plan holder of Zo+ Protection Program before I am eligible for this benefit? You must be a plan holder for 90 consecutive days before eligibility begins.
  3. Is suicide covered? Suicide and/or drug overdose or death as a direct result from a family member or any persons listed on the lease agreement will not be covered.
  4. What do I have to do? A person listed on the lease agreement or a family member must provide a copy of the death certificate to Zo Financial before a claim can be approved.

Discount Health and Wellness Services** (Not Available in Washington)

  1. Can I use these benefits if I already have health insurance? Yes, in many cases you can still use the discount health benefits, however you cannot use in conjunction with insurance (you can use the discount health benefits or insurance, but not both together). The plan has no limits on the number of times you can visit participating providers.
  2. Who has access to the telemedicine, prescription and vision benefits? These benefits apply to immediate family members. Immediate family is defined as spouse or domestic partner, dependent children up to the age of 26, parents in the household over age 60 and any other IRS dependent.
  3. How does the Telemedicine benefit work? You and your immediate family can call a toll-free number any time of the day or night to consult with a licensed medical provider about your health concerns. There is no additional out of pocket cost for the consultation. If appropriate, a prescription for common medications can be called into your pharmacy.

Other Benefits

  1. What type of discount do I receive through the Roadside Assistance? There is no set amount of savings. The discount will vary depending on the area of service and the type of service provided. The plan holder will pay a specially negotiated discount price for the service they receive. The plan holder is responsible for paying this amount when service is rendered.
  2. What kind of savings do I get through Dining and Shopping? Plan holders can save on thousands of deals that offer 50% off at merchants nationwide, from dining and food, automotive, and professional services to shopping, movies and entertainment, through an app or online.

Administrative Questions

  1. What Is the Grace Period? The grace period is 61 days. If the plan holder has not made a payment within 61 days of their last payment due date, the plan automatically terminates.
  2. If I join Zo+ Protection Program, am I obligated to keep my plan? This plan is optional, and you can cancel at any time by notifying Zo Financial by email or by phone.
  3. Can I keep Zo+ Protection Program after I pay in full for my lease merchandise? Yes. You can continue your plan for as long as you like.


*Subject to limitations, restrictions and exclusions. See the membership agreement for details.
**This is NOT insurance. See membership materials for important disclosures.